About Cornwall Youth Choirs

Who we are

Cornwall Youth Choirs is a family of choirs offering musical opportunities for children and young people from 3 years old to 25. Led by a fantastic team of musicians, the choirs meet regularly, drawing members from all over the county.

Meet our choirs

What we do

Our five choirs meet regularly throughout the year, giving the young people of Cornwall the chance to explore new repertoire, learn new skills, make new friends and celebrate our Cornish heritage through music.

Why we do it

We know that music, and particularly choral singing, is a very powerful tool in addressing the mounting mental health crisis in our young people. With many schools cutting provision to music education in favour of post-Covid catch up programmes in Maths & English, plus Cornwall's many small schools not having the budget for specialist music provision, we know that community youth choirs are a vital resource for many talented young people. Cornwall Youth Choirs provide a safe and supportive environment for all its members, with high quality musical and vocal tuition.

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